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United States
I'm just another random artist who has been honing their self-taught drawings skills ever since junior high.

No more stamps. If you wanna see things I approve of, go to my Stamps folder in my favorites


I just stayed up all night reading a webcomic...

I am not kidding I am watching the sun rise. I have never done this before...

Not my proudest moment, to be sure
Little late night thingy:

I'm looking for someone who would be interested to reading/proofreading some of my stories. It's through Google Docs. I ask because I feel I need an outside eye to help out my (too freaking many) stories and their updates be the best they can be. Also get access to some EXCLUSIVE stuff! *90s car commercial voice* Stories I haven't revealed to the public, side stories to my own fics, etc.

I just feel like I need an editor. Even though I think I'm a good writer, I make mistakes, and spotting them after you publish the story/update is the worst feeling of defeat ever. Comment and note me if you're interested, and I'll shoot you a link
I just had a panic attack while we were cleaning the last place we had and now I'm exhausted. I wonder if my boss was privy to it
I did a thing, a thing for a thing I've been watching for years from the sidelines, too nervous to participate. Wish me luck

Here's the full pic, unsure if I should upload here, honestly
Does anyone remember this?

Well, probably not, since it's kinda been two years and had been pushed aside for the most part. Well...

My mind has been running with the idea that it presents for quite some time now. Frikk, as if I don't have a million other stories that have been left to dangle already... Sometimes I really hate my brain
Oooooo-kay, this is gonna be rough, and perhaps a bit stupid

Does anyone recall those status updates where I was lament about my girl-ness? Well, I went to a counselor about it, a Mormon counselor, and I worked my emotions n' stuff out about it. At the beginning, I was so super emotional about all this, and now I've let it level out. And, I've come to some conclusions

... guh, being raised by staunch conservatives makes this a bit hard to accept myself as what I've found I am (probably why I was so emotional about it). Don't get me wrong, I don't look back on how I was raised with regrets and anger towards my parents (entirely), but it was a rather closed-minded upbringing. 


I am agender, aromantic, and asexual.

There, I said it.


gah... *buries hands in face*

I hate being a girl because of all the societal norms surrounding them, but I don't feel 100% like a guy either. I can't imagine myself with a super-sensitive organ between my legs that I've been so adverse to my whole life. So, I'm neither. I'm not denying the fact that I have a uterus, I'm denying the makeup, the dresses, the shoes, etc. I was, am, and always will be female by sex, but by gender, the EXPRESSION of said sex, I am not a girl.

I feel no romantic attraction towards anyone, and the whole idea and process of baby making is disgusting to me. I'll admit attractiveness, as I'm not blind, but romantic stuff, like holding hands, kissing, whispering sweet nothings...bleh. Nah, I'm not into it. DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE WOO-HOO IN THE BED. NO. JUS' NO. I feel defiled just thinking about it.

So, I prefer to be called they/them, but then again, I don't mind if anyone calls me she, or even he (but I have a slight preference towards he). Like I won't correct any passing stranger/cashier/waiter/waitress/etc about that crap, because I don't personally see it as a big deal. Just if you know me well enough, please just call me they. It's not that hard. Knee-jerk reactions are fine, just don't make a habit of it.

And if you ask about any surgery, the only surgery I want is to reduce my boobies SIGNIFICANTLY. I'm currently a D/DD; too freaking big. I wanna be an A. SMALL AND HARDLY NOTICEABLE A. I'm not going to remove my uterus, as I will forever be female before God, and he gave me that (freaking painful for a week every month) organ for a holy and divine reason. I will not deny that.

tl;dr my sex is female, but my gender is agender. I don't mind whatever pronouns you give me, but they/them is best. I will forever and always be female before God, but as for expressing myself for who I feel I am, I don't fit in the concepts of either male or female in society.

Now to break this to my parents...


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