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NOTE: Monsters drawn for the sake of monsters. NONE ELSE. There will be no perverted fangirl dreams in my gallery!


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United States
I'm just another random artist who has been honing her self-taught drawings skills ever since junior high.

No more stamps. If you wanna see things I approve of, go to my Stamps folder in my favorites


Night in the Woods is such a good game, especially for one with several mental problems. Cathartic, it is.

Just one detail that's bothered me the whole game: why does nobody have tails? They're animal people dangit! It shouldn't have detracted from the experience as much as it did for me! Aarg it's such a stupid and insignificant detail it shouldn't matter! But it does to me! The frustration is real!

Oh well, there's always artistic liberty
I am suddenly feeling a weird urge to work on Through the Source Code again. I hardly did anything with it other than think on the story I wanna tell. And man, I really do seem to plan on twisting the feels knife on this one, I'm hurting myself thinking about it.

(My poor Simone, she's hurting so much. Who did this to her?

Oh yeah, me)

I am so evil
Ok, tbh, this April Fools Biting Pear thing is too hilarious not to join in on. I'm gonna do a silly little pear doodle with one of my OCs and then go back to having an identity crisis
Guys, just... *sigh*

I'm gonna have to go on a mini hiatus, since there's a lot going on in my mind that's doing nothing but bringing me pain. I'm constantly tired, and no amount of sleep fixes it. I look in the mirror and hardly recognize who it is looking back. I need help, I really do, but until I get it, I'm gonna have to go quiet. I may still post and/or comment on things, but I won't be back full blown.

For those of you waiting for something from me, you know who you are, please be patient. This needs to blow over before I have the strength to do what is needed of me
Ok, just so we're clear, I was born a girl, I am a girl, and will forever be a girl. I am not experiencing gender dysphoria. Despite me knowing I'm a girl, I dislike it a whole bunch. And in this rant, I'll tell you all why.

For starters, I don't like having breasts. A little fact about me, I was "blessed" with large milk machines. And guess what again? It sucks! If you look up Busty Girl Problems you'd see a lot of what I go through every day. Bras are essential, and they essentially burn a hole in my wallet. I get back pains and I can't even sleep comfortably without one on. Oh how I wish they were smaller. You girls with smaller busts don't know how good you got it.

Secondly, periods. Yeah, yeah, this has been said before, but it's true! I have to spend an entire week in pain and bleeding from my no-no. Why was I looking forward to this as a kid? (I starting developing before my period happened, little fun fact) To be honest, I can take the bleeding; fine, it happens. But the PAIN?? WHY does it have to hurt so freaking badly? Cramps so bad you can't sit or stand up straight, forget about moving at all. Remind me again how this helps us survive?

And thirdly, ooohh thirdly. You guys have NO IDEA how much I detest this; so many societal norms and stereotypes for girls. I just have to look at them and marvel at WHY they are and WHY I have to follow them.
Wearing makeup: nope! Sensory issue, actually.
Nail polish: nada! Also a sensory issue.
Shaving every day: what, is it gross to have hair where hair be? I'll have Chewbacca legs if I want to have Chewbacca legs.
Doing my hair: like I got the time and/or desire to spend extensive amounts of time getting my hair "right,"
Dresses and skirts: ehh, a bit lower on the list, since I will wear them if I have to, but in my spare time? Wouldn't be caught dead
"Girly" interests: what's that? You want me to love going clothes shopping? Want me to love talking about dating? Who kissed who? High heels? Boyfriends? Sorry, can't hear you over how much I don't give a sh--

ANYWAY, in short, I'm a girl who fails at "being a girl," if that makes sense at all. I am a female who rejects a lot of feminine things. In fact, I've actually had my hair cut boy short quite a few months ago. Like, August of last year. I've just never really gotten around to announcing that I have done so, not really that kind of person anymore. I've kept the short hair look, I like how it looks and how it feels. People want me to grow it back out again, but I don't want to yet. I like how manageable it is, how it doesn't need a handful of shampoo to maintain, how it doesn't snarl up my brush, etc.

I guess I'm just a tomboy. I don't know if there's any definitive term for me, I haven't really cared about all these weird identity terms that's all the craze nowadays.

Rant over


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Falljoydelux Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Nope, just me
Ndzhang Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I thought your profile pic was Ichigo from Bleach
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
Falljoydelux Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you like it Smile 
SiwySzczur Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017
Nice gallery:)
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