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NOTE: Monsters drawn for the sake of monsters. NONE ELSE. There will be no perverted fangirl dreams in my gallery!


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I'm just another random artist who has been honing their self-taught drawings skills ever since junior high.

No more stamps. If you wanna see things I approve of, go to my Stamps folder in my favorites


Simple lineart character(s) headshot
Wish I had more examples. No more than three per commish
Simple Character lineart
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Character flat color
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Character color and shading
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2+ flatcolor characters
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2+ characters shading
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Character Comic
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Character shading and background
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2+ Character Shading and Background
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Ok, I’m conflicted about stuff again. I posted about this before, saying that I have no desire to have a significant other, but as I’ve been finding out, it’s not entirely true. I’ve been finding myself wanting someone to trust, to confide in, to be with till the end of days. And pretty badly too. And underlying want, I guess?

But the problem is, everything about romance and couples n’ stuff is absolutely disgusting and repulsive to me. Kissing? Eugh. Holding hands? I need that appendage for stuff and things. Constant companionship? I can’t stand it. SEX?? *vomit noises* Just the thought of a penis makes me want to bleach my eyes

And I’m also conflicted on what exactly I’m attracted to. I saw a compilation of photos from a trans women photo shoot and the first thing that popped into my mind was “DAAANG THEY LOOK HOT!” Instantly followed by confusion. Another is a constant little thought of somewhat effeminate men, I think about it and they bring this totally foreign and alien feeling to me. I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t tell if it’s attraction since I’ve never felt that before. I don’t know what the word is for this, it’s too precise to look up on Google, or anywhere, really.

Maybe it’s the feeling of wanting balance between me, a rather masculine female non-binary, and someone else, an effeminate man or... whatever. I tried to call and ask my mom about this but I got cold feet. I don’t know right now, I feel so, ever so confused
I’m trying. I’m trying so hard to work on the next Hunger page, but I just... can’t. I feel so drained of energy, both physically and mentally. My creative mind is at a halt for now, but at the same time it wants so desperately to tell Hunger’s story! Like, I get that I’m burned out and need a break, but stop torturing me with character development and story progression! I’m YEARS away from that part of the story! Calm down, brain!

Ugh, my hands are shaking as I type this. I can barely hold my phone up. What’s wrong with me and how do I fix it?
And here we are. I am now 23. Can’t say I felt any magic happen or any cosmic alignment fall into place, but for what it’s worth, I made another trip ‘round our sun

Yay for me I’m still not ever touching alcohol
Ok, just so it's off my chest

A few months ago I began feeling like instead of helping me, my prescription medication was keeping me trapped, like they were chains. So, against everything I've ever been told about prescription medication, I cut the chains. Meaning I stopped taking my meds altogether. Yes I got sick but I didn't care. I powered through it and now I feel free. Don't worry, they weren't antipsychotics or anything, just your average run of the mill depression and anxiety meds.

And not too long ago, I realized something; without the meds to alter me, I'm a totally different person than I have been for years. I'm very bitter, and easy to anger. Every little thing that people have said or done has bubbled into my subconscious, and even though I may have acted rather passive and "Don't worry about it too much, just don't do it again" at the time, when I think about it I wish I acted more passionately. Angrier. Why didn't I light into these sucky people for wronging me? And down the rabbit hole I go, spiraling into angrier and angrier thoughts until I'm spitting and screaming at the empty space around me, cursing those who raised me.

I have so, so many repressed thoughts and opinions I want to shout at my parents now because I didn't do it then. And you know what? I want to feel this way, I WANT to be angry and bitter and passionate. Why? Because I was never allowed to be when I was younger. I was never allowed to be pissed at my parents or my siblings. I even remember crying about something and my parents telling me to stop. I've come to think that they want me on these meds so I can be manageable and under their thumb, so I won't deviate from this little mold they have for me. I already deviated enough, proclaiming I'm not a girl (which my mom cries crocodile tears about when it's brought up), so they want to find ways to keep me in check.


I'm so sorry guys, it's late, I'm tired, and I'm fresh off and entire lonely work shift with me and my bitter thoughts.


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